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too glitchy

I was playing it, and it looked like I knocked tom out, but then the game just froze with tom standing there, no health left, and the timer kept going down. Fix it!


I know this is just to make fun of SOPA, but it sucks. I can't even fucking jump, and I pressed every key to even try to jump. doesn't work as a parody.

doesn't get better than this.

this is your best sonic boom cannon yet. maybe if you're lucky, one of the phone companies would ask if they can make this game an app for their phones. or maybe you could run that idea by them. your call.

Xanadu32 responds:

I would love to make this into a phone app~ but the sonic copy rights would be something like 75 million dollars~ start a protest and help me get the rights and I'll make you an app haha

pokemon + tower defense= FUN

This is a unique twist to tower defense games. I do have one quesiton. I have a golden geodue, and I was wondering how you get Golem when you get to that point? Graveler evolves into that through trade, so how can that be done here?

very confusing

how do I open the safe? I've read everything I found, and I can't find the password for the computer, cause I know that opens the safe. Seriously, can someone help?

very awesome

challenging, and fun. I even made 1st last week on last sunday's top 10. The only way I found out about this game was from Thewax70's movie "Everything by Everyone".

not the best thing I've played

this could have been better. taking the classic snake and adding zombies? No go, man.

damn glitches

damn it. you gotta fix these glitches in the game. when I get to the guy with the fire sword for the first time, I can't see my character anymore. fix that.


very fun game. some parts were tough, but I was able to beat it. nice job

simple, but fun

it was a fun game with good music. I especially loved the chief's reaction at the first boss

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